Let’s Talk This Week’s Geeky TV: ‘Gotham’ Has Tricks, ‘Supergirl’ Has Treats

10.31.16 1 year ago 104 Comments

Last week on Gotham, Penguin came out of the closet to a chair that was supposed to have Nygma in it, while Nygma was in a liquor store discovering this show really will go full on Twin Peaks. As in, they brought back an actress who played a dead character to play someone entirely new. Oh, also Gordon got the woman he’s sleeping with shot, and Jervis Tetch has sworn revenge against him. Never a dull moment!

This episode features Gordon tripping as Jervis tries to break him psychologically. You know, because getting fired, having your fiance lose her mind, watching your entire moral system collapse, losing a baby and realizing the woman you love has rejected you and moved on, that’s a walk in the park, but some scruffy dude in a top hat dosing him with drugs? That’s the last straw! We’ll find out if so tonight at 8pm EST on Fox.

Meanwhile, in the cheerier side of the DC television universe!

…Maybe we spoke too soon about the “cheery” part. Kara, this episode, tries to shut down an alien fight club, while J’onn tries to connect with the newly discovered M’gann, the last daughter of Mars. Discovering you’re not the last of your species, yeah, probably a little bit of a mind-blower. It also dovetails well with this season’s chosen theme of immigration and assimilation; we’ve learned over the last few episodes that most aliens on Earth are in fact just trying to get by, refugees on a lonely planet. We’re sure Kara will solve this problem with kind words and thoughtful consideration. Also probably punching a few people. If Gotham‘s not your speed, that’s tonight at 8pm EST on the CW. Join us, won’t you?

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