This Week’s Geeky TV: Let ‘Gotham’ And ‘Supergirl’ Soothe Your Election Blues

Last week on Gotham, Jim Gordon rejoined the Gotham PD, since they’d lost another hundred officers and really needed the help, the Penguin tried to ruin Nygma’s budding romance only to discover Ed had found the one woman more insane than he was, and Barnes learned he was losing his mind and decided to cover it up, you know, like you do.

Last week’s highlight, though, was the hallucinations of Jim Gordon, which ended on a surprisingly poignant note as Gordon hallucinated a meeting with his dad that set his mind right, and was saved by Mario Falcone. Good timing, too, since Barnes is putting dudes through walls and going all 28 Days Later on suspects. We’ll see how that pans out tonight at 8pm EST on Fox.

Meanwhile, on the cheerier side of the DC television universe, Jimmy Olsen decides Ollie will be a great role model:

Yes, Jimmy is tired of being the sidekick, and also Supergirl is clearly tired of keeping Guardian out of their show when it’s basically adapting all the old ’80s comics, so Jimmy is about to crack a few skulls. Which, frankly, is overdue, not least because Mehcad Brooks, after wrapping up his relationship with Supergirl, doesn’t have much to do other than give Snapper Carr a chewing out and sit behind a desk. So he’ll be suiting up and beating up, which should be fun, as long as he doesn’t get into the guilt trip thing Ollie loves so much. That’s also at 8pm ET on the CW. Join us, won’t you?