‘Gotham’ Wraps And ‘Supergirl’ Flies On This Week’s Geeky TV

Last week on Gotham, Jerome, aka Franken-Joker, turned out to be very much alive and very much into causing chaos. And also really into getting caught up on the show he’d missed since he was dead and offering snarky observations. Anyway, Jerome is back, he’s blacked out the entire city while his band of cultists is running around wrecking everything, and Gordon has to somehow serve and protect in the midst of all this. Probably it’s still better than being trapped in Arkham, though. We’ll find out tonight at 8pm EST on Fox, and we’ll be liveblogging Jerome’s rise.

Meanwhile, in a more cheerful part of the DC cinematic multiverse:

OK, maybe not that cheerful, but yes, Livewire, the electricity wielding supervillain with a grudge against Kara is back and ready to, uh, well probably get her butt kicked all over again. Sure, she doesn’t have the Silver Banshee by her side, and Kara doesn’t have the Flash. But Supergirl just saved a bunch of humans from a slaver planet without her powers. Beating up Reddy Kill-O-Watt with her powers doesn’t seem like such a tall order. We’ll find out tonight also at 8pm EST on the CW, and we’ll be switching over the liveblog to Supergirl next week, since Gotham is on hiatus until April. Join us, won’t you?