The Governor May Stick Around On ‘The Walking Dead’ Longer Than You’d Think

Spoilers. In case you missed it this last Sunday, The Governor made his return to The Walking Dead by hiding in the least obvious place ever: IN PLAIN SIGHT. There’s a certain irony to his reappearance, too, in that two days before The Governor came back, series producer Robert Kirkman and showrunner Scott Gimple had suggested that the show was taking a break from the character. “You know what? I’m sick of the Governor … It’s not that we don’t like that character; it’s just that we needed to give that character a break.”

So, they’re sick of The Governor, and yet he is back. So, he’s not going to be around much, right? I mean, after all, David Morrissey has a another AMC show on the works, Line of Sight, and since most AMC pilots go to series, he’s not likely to be available for future seasons of The Walking Dead, right? RIGHT?

Not so fast, according to Morrissey in an interview with EW:

“I had a little hiatus on The Walking Dead and we filmed that pilot. So I’m waiting to see. But I like The Walking Dead. I am part of The Walking Dead. I really hope to make it to season 5 of The Walking Dead. I don’t know what’s going to happen — that’s an AMC decision, not mine. But I really consider myself to be a Walking Dead actor, and I consider myself to be the Governor and that’s where I am with this at the moment. That was a nice little break for me, and I hope it happens, but I don’t know how it will happen. It’s been made very clear to me that this is my show. The Walking Dead is my show and I’m very proud of it and I want to be a part of that. Suffice it to say I am a Walking Dead actor and that is the show that I employed to do, and the show I love.”

Well, at least David Morrissey thinks there’s a chance he’ll be around for awhile, or it’s all misdirection, or Morrissey’s pilot was terrible and he knows it and he’s publicly lobbying for Kirkman not to kill him off, please don’t kill him off, he really needs the job, please, please, please?

At any rate, it looks like The Governor will be around at least until the second half of season four. Unless he’s not.

(Source: EW)