Great Local Commercial: Cat Hotel

Rhett and Link are the guys behind I Love Local Commercials. If you’re a savvy Internet veteran, you might recognize them as the guys who would go around and make insane commercials for small local businesses. Now they’ve got a new show coming to IFC called “Rhett and Link: Commercial Kings,” in which they travel the country and document their goofy commercial-making. Below I’ve got a full preview for the show, plus — even better — a one-minute ad they did for a lady with a cat hotel.

And if you can’t get behind the idea of a cat hotel, then you clearly don’t belong here. I like to imagine that it’s a hotel for cats by cats, with little kitty bellhops to carry bags and a snooty Siamese as the maitre d’ and Japanese business cats as the clientele ordering Persian hooker cats to their rooms. The only way that could be funnier is if none of that were true, and the cat hotel was just one old lady taking care of a bunch of cats.

[Bottom video via Vulture]

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