Greg Daniels Gave A ‘The Office’ Superfan A Speaking Role In The Series Finale

Imagine if you were given a speaking role in the series finale of your favorite show, a show you’ve spent years obsessing over and evangelizing for. Wouldn’t that be, well, f*cking cool? Of course it would. It’d be the goddamn coolest! I’d given at least a pinky to have been merely an extra in the diner scene in the last episode of The Sopranos. A PINKY!

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Jennie Tan who runs OfficeTally, a The Office fan site, minus the appendage sacrifice, that is. She emailed show creator Greg Daniels and asked if she could be an extra in the finale that aired last night.

An then this happened…

And so it came to be that Tan basically played herself and got to direct questions to Jim and Pam in the Q&A scene. Tan’s entire account of her experience is pretty remarkable and great, so go read it!

(Pic via OfficeTally)

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