GTFO, a ‘Baywatch’ Movie?

09.16.11 7 years ago 8 Comments

Now that “Rescue Me” creator Peter Tolan is done honoring New York City firefighters, he’s taken on a project that REALLY matters: writing a script for a “Baywatch” movie.

The Emmy-winning scribe revealed… that he’s just finished penning a movie for Paramount loosely based on the long-running lifeguard drama. Tolan joked that some of his friends had tried to stage an intervention to convince him not to take on the film, which he described as a non-campy comedy in the spirit of Stripes about two young guys who take life-changing jobs on the beach.

Tolan, who said he’s never watched the original series, divulged that new roles had been written for series stars David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson, but it’s unclear whether they’ll participate if the movie gets a greenlight. [TV Guide]

Strangely, Pam Anderson has said that she wouldn’t do a “Baywatch” movie, adding “I love it when they keep programmes as just bad TV instead of trying to legitimise stuff and make it current and good.” Hasselhoff, meanwhile, would take the job but would probably just get fired.

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