Jimmy Kimmel’s Sidekick Guillermo Films His Cameo For ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’ With Help From Chris Pratt And Kurt Russell

Working for the same company that owns Star Wars and Marvel Comics certainly has its perks for the folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live. It’s the perfect spot to premiere hot trailers, introduce casts, and just do anything to push and promote projects across the board. Put that vertical integration to good use and get those synergy juices flowing.

That’s what the company is currently doing for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ahead of its release at the start of May. Chris Pratt has popped in on Jimmy Kimmel Live quite a few times to introduce trailers, but the entire cast will be making an appearance on Monday’s show for a special Guardians-themed night. Kimmel didn’t have to wait until Monday to introduce one star of the film because he’s already a main part of Kimmel’s show.

Guillermo stopped by the set of James Gunn’s space-faring sequel to film a bit cameo role and ended up getting some great acting tips from Chris Pratt and Tango himself, Kurt Russell. The latter probably gave the most effective advice, telling the former security guard no to “f*ck” things up. From there, he heads to the makeup trailer and has a conversation with Dave Bautista about nipples. He’s in full Drax makeup at the time and it seems that Guillermo is going a similar route before we find that he’s just playing a cop in the film.

Or he would be playing a cop if he didn’t forget Tango’s only piece of advice. He’s not very good and in the end, his scene doesn’t turn out to be as big as he’d hoped. Still, it was pretty cool. The only way any of us normal peons would make it onto the set is if we agreed to be extras and give half our blood to the Walt Disney rejuvenation effort.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)