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For those of you who didn’t see the return of Renee (Annie Wersching) on last night’s “24” and are worried about spoilers, I can tell you this much: this guy’s hand does NOT get sawed off. But what happens next is pretty awesome, so if you don’t want it spoiled, stop reading now.

Okay, did we get rid of the bitches who whine about spoilers? All right, good.

So anyway, Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) is worried that Renee is too unstable to go undercover and reconnect with the Russian mob, and she proves that she’s totally sane by seducing her parole-braceleted mob contact into putting his wrist into a vise and then SLICING OFF HIS THUMB WITH A POWER SAW.

It’s my favorite TV blood splatter since “Mad Men’s” lawnmower incident.

And can I say that I’m immensely turned on by Renee? I’m probably going to stay tuned to this season of “24” just because of her. She’s like Kate from “Lost,” but crazier and with a bigger rack. And those two traits are the hottest things a woman can have. Mental instability and big tits. I think I’m in love.

(video via Inside TV)

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