Guhhhhhh This Is Painful to Watch

11.15.11 6 years ago 37 Comments

Bob Costas landed a phone interview with former Penn State coordinator and alleged child rapist Jerry Sandusky that aired on last night’s “Rock Center,” and all I can say is WOW Sandusky should NOT be giving interviews. He folded like a cheap suit.

Costas: Mr. Sandusky, there is a 40-count indictment, the grand jury report contains specific details. There are multiple accusers, multiple eyewitnesses to various aspects of the abuse. A reasonable person says, “Where there is this much smoke, there must be plenty of fire.” What do you say?

Sandusky: I say that I am innocent of those charges.

Costas: Innocent? Completely innocent and falsely accused in every aspect?

Sandusky: Well, I could say that, you know, I have done some of those things. I have horsed around with kids. I have showered after workouts. I have hugged them and I have touched their legs, without intent of sexual contact. But, um… uh … So, if you look at it that way … uh … there are things that … that … uh … wouldn’t … uh, you know, would be accurate.

Even worse is how long it took for Sandusky to say that he’s not sexually attracted to young boys. It’s barely even a denial.

Costas: Are you sexually attracted to young boys? To underage boys?

Sandusky: Am I sexually attracted to underage boys?

Costas: Yes.

Sandusky: Sexually attracted? You know, I enjoy young people. I love to be around them. I … but, no, I am not sexually attracted to young boys.

Well done, Jerry. Nailed it.

You now, Bob Costas gets a lot of crap from the blogerati for being a smug leprechaun, but he handled that like a pro. He asked tough questions without being accusatory, and he got through the whole thing without shivering in disgust or gagging at the thought of this guy raping young boys, which is better than I did just watching it.

[full transcript at WWTDD]

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