Gunther From ‘Friends’ Just Did The Weirdest Cover Of The Show’s Theme Song

Remember Gunther, the depressed guy who worked at Central Perk on Friends? Well, James Michael Tyler, the man who brought the iconic role to life attended FriendsFest on Tuesday and, aside from answering questions for fans, he also did a dramatic reading of the show’s theme song. But in true Gunther fashion. That means that instead of being fun and upbeat—as The Rembrandts’ version is—his version is more of a spoken word cry for help. A sad and strangled poem that speaks to the loneliness of life.

Listen, it’s just really, really depressing. But also really, really fun? How is that possible? See for yourself. (Just make sure you have an energy drink for after.)


There’s just a lot going on here and, like the fact that Friends is on Netflix for your “streaming while high” pleasure, it’s all a delight. Long live Gunther!

(Via The Daily Dot)

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