All Of These #GuyFieriMovies Should Be Nominated For Best Picture

Bud Light Hotel Hosts The 2012 Playboy Party
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Flavortown, USA, mayor-for-life Guy Fieri has built an empire on pricey tailgate parties, 22-ingredient mac and cheese burgers, $100,000 personal appearance fees, and s’mores pizzas. The loudest celebrity chef has already conquered television, with his myriad Food Network shows doubling as commercials for Guy’s American Bar and Kitchen, but like his arch-nemesis Anthony Bourdain, he’s never made the transition to the cinema. In fact, Fieri’s only film credit is The Interview, which he was cut out of.

This is a shame, for his radiant glory, in that his bleach-tipped hair radiates with the force of a million fluorescent lights, belongs on the big screen, probably while a Smash Mouth song plays. Thus, #GuyFieriMovies was born.

Nice work, everyone and @midnight, or should I say, 10 Gallons of Donkey Sauce to @midnight.