The Guy Who Solved That Ridiculous 'Wheel Of Fortune' Final Puzzle Explains How He Did It

03.21.14 13 Comments

Emil de Leon, the Wheel of Fortune contestant responsible for the most improbable final puzzle solve in history, appeared on Ellen yesterday to explain himself. I say “explain himself” instead of “tell everyone how he came up with ‘New Baby Buggy’ despite only having the N and E on the board” because I have chosen to operate under the presumption that he is a wizard, and it’s going to take a very strong case to convince me otherwise. Let’s see what he’s got.

It’s all in the first letters: R-S-T-L-N-E. They showed up, the N and the E. It’s pretty obvious the first word was new. Then worked on baby. It just sounds right, right? “New baby?” The hard part was “buggy.” I worked with that B again, and, yeah, so…

Nope. Still think he’s a wizard. In fact, to illustrate how improbable a solve “New Baby Buggy” was, let’s put five minutes on the clock and see how many things I would have come up with before I got to that, without taking into account the letters that were already off the board, because there’s no way I would have been able make that distinction on the clock under the hot lights.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand go:

  • New Judo Moves
  • New York Ninja
  • New York Times
  • Neg Sexy Babes
  • New Army Boots
  • New Taco Truck
  • New LEGO Movie
  • New Evil Robot
  • New Huge Laser
  • New Dido Songs
  • NES Game Zelda
  • New Pope Party
  • New Blue Jeans
  • New Baby Bunny
  • New Nazi Dance
  • New Beer Koozy
  • New Meat Pizza
  • New Frog Queen
  • Net Wifi Thief
  • New Bank Heist
  • New Girl Sucks (NOTE: I do not think this, but it would be hilarious if Wheel started using its final puzzle to take mean shots at sitcoms.)
  • Ned Lost Maude
  • New Crap Stick
  • New F*ck Buddy
  • New Cool Dunks
  • New Pink Tiger
  • New Lice Combs
  • New Fred Claus
  • New Duck Suits
  • New Punk Pants
  • New Jump Ropes
  • New Funk Class
  • New Ohio Rebel
  • New Jazz Clubs
  • New Fart Kazoo

Feel free to use any of those as names for your band or craft beer.

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