Gwen Stefani Asked Peter Dinklage The Jon Snow Question He’s Sick Of Answering

There are a million questions the cast members of ‘Game of Thrones’ are probably sick of being asked.  What’s going to happen in Season 6?  Who dies next?  Do you still get star-eyed looking at the perfect human specimen that is Nikolaj Coster-Waldau after six seasons or has the thrill worn off?  But for the last 9 months or so, there’s likely one question those involved with the show are the most tired of hearing, one regarding the current status of one Jon Snow.

With Peter Dinklage, whose Tyrion Lannister has been one of the show’s most popular characters since the pilot, hosting Saturday Night Live this week, musical guest Gwen Stefani couldn’t help but ask That Question.  Dinklage’s face says it all:  Stop asking him about Jon Snow.  And to be fair, he might not even know.  The answer to Stefani’s question might be something kept private from even the most acclaimed actor on the show.  Though we can’t really blame her.  If we ever met Peter Dinklage, we’d probably ask him the same question.

Tune into Saturday Night Live this Saturday, April 2nd for what’s sure to be a great show filled with plenty of Game of Thrones humor and at least two references to “Hollaback Girl”.

(Via SNL)