H. Jon Benjamin Live-Tweeted The Season Premiere Of ‘Archer’ With A Special Guest

A real television star doesn’t let his show’s season premiere pass without a little flash and extra effort in the promotional department. Take H. Jon Benjamin, the star voice of FX’s animated hit Archer, as he live-Tweeted the first episode of Season 6 for his 134K fans and spambots. However, he didn’t just give us the typical live-Tweet session, sharing his thoughts on Sterling Archer’s adventure in the jungle with a Japanese WWII soldier who never got the message that the war was over, nor did he offer his critique of the new headquarters of the espionage agency formally known as you know.

Instead, he welcomed a very special guest and fellow Archer character voice into his home for a special evening between two celebrity men. Things got… weird.

The live-Tweet as we know it has forever been changed. All hail H. Jon Benjamin, the new king of live-Tweeting.