07.17.09 9 years ago 3 Comments

Am I overdressed for the “Beat It” audition?

This is a promo for Season 3 of “Dexter,” and if you happen to follow the show, then you know that Season 3 has already aired.  Season 4 begins in September.  That means that there’s nothing timely or informative going on here, but I couldn’t help but be magnetically drawn to this image.  I guess Michael C. Hall’s doing a soft-shoe routine with a knife, and even though he’s a serial killer on stage by himself, his suit is woefully shredded with the knife in his own hand?  Best not to analyze, I suppose.  Just relax and enjoy “Dexter: The Musical.”  Really great music and choreography.  Could’ve used some blackface, though.

(image via bohemea; headline inspired by @edsbs)

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