Ha Ha, Paris Hilton got Canceled

It’s well-documented that Oxygen’s “The World According to Paris” bombed from the get-go (something that Hilton naturally blamed on the network); therefore, it’s no surprise that Oxygen is canceling the show.

Hilton’s series was pretty much dead on arrival, earning barely 400,000 viewers for its June debut and sinking even lower in subsequent airings. The network isn’t officially commenting on its fate, but Vulture can exclusively report what’s been obvious to even the most amateur ratings watcher for weeks: Oxygen has no plans for a second season of The World According to Paris, unscripted industry insiders familiar with the situation confirm.

I don’t care about this either way — it’s not like I was ever going to watch Paris’s show if it lasted one season or eight. I’m really just making a story out of this because I enjoy stripping the color from a photo and giving it a big red CANCELED stamp. It just feels so good. It makes me excited for all the crappy new shows that are going to get canceled this fall.