‘Justified’ Has Seen Into Our Hearts And Answered Our Prayers By Blessing Us With More Wynn Duffy

There’s not a lot of details to surround this casting note with, so I tried to dig up some personal color on Jere Burns, the man who plays the terrific Wynn Duffy on Justified. Did you know, for instance, that he’s been married three times? And that his third wife has a certain trophy wife look about her? (Good for you, Jere!)Or that Jere Burns played Wilbur Turnblad in Hairspray on Broadway (for those familiar only with Hairspray from trailers for the movie, Wilbur was the husbands of John Travolta’s character). Or that Jere Burns saved a heart-attack victim’s life in 1997 by using CPR in an Encino Restaurant.

Jere is also short for Jerald, and Jerald Eugene Burns will turn 57 in October. He will also be filming the fifth season of Justified as a cast regular after Graham Yost promoted him.

There’s a certain irony to the promotion, too, considering that Jere Burns’ Wynny Duffy character has been scheduled to be killed off of Justified twice over the course of the series, and survived mostly because of dumb luck.

If you recall at the end of season four, Duffy was made Sammy Tonin’s man East of the Mississippi, and Boyd Crowder has agreed to distribute heroin in Kentucky on Duffy’s behalf. That’s where we’ll be when season five of Justified opens in January, with Wynn and Boyd in cahoots. That’s going to be fun.

(Source: Deadline)