03.10.10 8 years ago 14 Comments

Everyone who put the time into watching “Jimmy Kimmel’s Handsome Men’s Club” seemed to really enjoy it, so here’s a clip from Kimmel that reveals some of the outtakes during filming (see video below). It’s not nearly as long as the original sketch — that would be impossible — but it still has a few chuckles without resorting to the par-for-the-course “Oh no! I forgot my line!” crap that never makes me laugh.

This got me thinking: I’d kind of like to see the gender reverse of this. I mean, sure, the “Beautiful Women’s Club” probably wouldn’t be as funny, but it’d be really great to look at. I’m now taking votes for who could play the funnywoman host trying to pass herself off as beautiful. Tina Fey? Sarah Silverman? Oh yeah, Silverman. I never realized how perfect she and Kimmel were for each before now.

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