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Oh, hey! Kelsey Grammer’s in a new sitcom called “Hank,” everybody! He’s so talented! And ABC has recently created terrific comedies like “Modern Family” and “Better Off Ted,” so this sounds promising. Let’s take a look at the reviews…

  • “Lazy, predictable and spectacularly tone-deaf.” [Star-Ledger]
  • “Breezily ungrounded… comes across as empty condescension.” [Miami Herald]
  • “In “Hank,” pompous comes off as merely pitiful. Or it would, if you could waste even a moment feeling sorry for anyone but the viewers, for whom the laugh track’s likely to serve as a bitter reminder that somewhere, someone else is having a good time.” [Philadelphia Daily News]
  • “One of this fall’s absolute worst new shows… the sort of lame, predictable set-up, joke, set-up, joke that nearly killed the traditional sitcom… unbelievably bad. ” [Deseret News]
  • They made two versions of the pilot episode of “Hank,” both of which leave unfunny whiffs of doom in their wake. I nevertheless remain clinically fascinated by the show’s lameness… “Hank” is less of a sitcom than a show about sitcom assembly. It belongs in a diagram about sitcoms.” [Washington Post]
  • “A moronic and ghastly effort that suffocates under the cloying and annoying blanket of a laugh track so disturbing it should be destroyed. As should the show.” [SF Chronicle]
  • “I had to down two Red Bulls to get through the 22 minutes of torturously unfunny dialogue… One of the worst new (or old) comedies of this or many other seasons.” [NY Post]

Doctors have also determined that watching “Hank” gives you brain cancer. And superAIDS. Maybe I’ll just stick to last night’s “Sons of Anarchy” on my DVR. Or, you know, gouging my eyes out.

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