Hank And Marie Watching Miley Cyrus Is Perfect Internet. It Cannot Be Denied.

Look, I really don’t want to be writing about Miley Cyrus in any context. At all. I certainly didn’t watch the nonsense last night as I take a strict Murtaugh approach to all things MTV and most especially the VMAs. But forces of nature cannot be denied. Sometimes in life things just magically align and I am obligated to upload GIFs and write about them.

There are only two things buzzing on the internet today. Everyone knows this. And they just both so happen to feature singular moments that can be gloriously melded together if one were to be so creative. And of course one of the best TV Tumblrs out there was all over it. And now we have the most amazing and enjoyable thing anyone obsessed with pop culture is going to see today. Behold the full GIF wall…

Perfect. Stars-aligned, gods-shined-down-on-us perfect. I’m not even mad the VMAs exist since this happened.

By Conan O’Fallon