Here’s Hanksy’s Patriotic ‘Breaking Bad’ Themed Tribute To America, Walter Flite

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07.05.13 3 Comments


Everyone’s favorite master of pop culture puns and graffiti artistry celebrated America’s birthday yesterday with an extra special Breaking Bad/patriotism themed edition of his always enjoyable works of city scenery. As you can see (full image below), “Walter Flite” molds pop culture’s most iconic bald drug kingpin with our national bird to create a majestic tribute to a country where we have the freedom to idolize a television drama about cooking meth in Albuquerque.

Behold the full version — shared physically at Orchard and Canal — below.


And if that’s not enough hairless pop culture Americana for you to take in on July 5th as you’re brushing away your patriotic cobwebs, please enjoy this installment of the most fun version of Britney pasted around NYC as well.


AND IF THAT’S NOT ENOUGH here’s more proof that Aaron Paul will DM “bitch” to you, even on a national holiday, if you ask nicely enough.


What a swell dude.

Sources: Hanksy & r/BreakingBad

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