Hannibal Buress Continues To Downplay His Role In The Bill Cosby Scandal

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Hannibal Buress gained a great notoriety in being the voice that brought Bill Cosby’s alleged sexual assault accusations to light. This action prompted many to speak up against the beloved 1980’s TV father and sparked an investigation into Cosby. Many have applauded Buress for bringing Cosby’s misdeeds to mainstream attention, but according to Buress, he just happened to be an “accidental whistle-blower.”

Speaking to a Brooklyn audience at the New York Comedy Festival’s Comedy Central Live on Friday, the comedian downplayed his actual involvement in the Cosby scandal. “[The media] put me too much at the front of that sh*t. I was just doing a show,” says Buress.

The story began in October 2014 when Buress, during a stand-up performance, decided to put Cosby under the microscope. Buress ripped into the icon over the alleged sexual assault accusations that have been accumulating against Cosby over the course of decades. “I guess I want to just at least make it weird for you to watch Cosby Show reruns,” Buress said in his act where he also called Cosby “a rapist.”

As of now, over 50 women have come out and accused Cosby of raping them. Many of those women spoke up following Buress’ stand-up routine, which went viral and prompted a serious investigation into Cosby and his activity over the years. Cosby claims that he is innocent of all the accusations and has not been charged with any crime.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)