Hannibal Buress Tells Jimmy Kimmel About Getting Drunk And Bombing A Show

Hannibal Buress stopped by to chat with Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night, who asked him — now that he’s a pretty big-name comedian — does he ever have a bad show? Buress says that he keeps it mostly professional these days, which makes sense that he’s now drawing bigger crowds, and therefore higher-priced tickets. But Buress did recall a West Palm Beach show in somewhat recently history — November of 2014, to be exact — that he says he thoroughly and unequivocally bombed.

Let’s just say the perfect storm of bombing started with day-drinking on a yacht (because, when in Rome…), and ended when he showed up in his green room stocked with items from his rider, asking himself: “Why is all the stuff that I like here?” Suffice to say, comedy fans in West Palm Beach got a special Hannibal Buress performance that night.