Hannibal Buress Did An Entire Hilarious Set About New Orleans On ‘The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’

I’m not sure how I missed this yesterday because it involves arguably my favorite standup comedian in the game right now, Hannibal Buress, doing an entire set on the Tonight Show about my beloved New Orleans, but I did miss it and I’ll likely be kicking myself all day over it. That said, it’s too good not to post a day later, so here we are.

Some backstory: summer before last Buress came down to NOLA to host his cousin’s bachelor party. While in town, he performed at The New Movement theater (which was founded by occasional UPROXX contributor Chris Trew) and during his show he talked about how he had organized a second line for his cousin that was kicking off at midnight and invited everyone in the audience to join in, which many did.

Fast forward to this past summer and Buress was back in town again. When he took the stage this time he told the audience about his encounter with a rat in the bathroom at Coop’s. Both that incident and the second line story are now part of his standup act, it appears, and it’s f-ing hilarious, even if you’re not from New Orleans. Enjoy.