Hannibal Buress Spares All Expense To Promote His Show During ‘Shark Week’

It isn’t hard to find something funny when Hannibal Buress starts talking, unless he’s delivering bad news or something. That’s still going to be better than a regular person telling you that you’ve got cancer, so I’ll take it. He dropped by Conan to share his top notch Shark Week promo and to make sure everybody knows that a Prius is a garbage car.

His ad promotes his Comedy Central show while also keeping with the Shark Week theme. It’s a grand idea because people still love Shark Week for some reason and promotion is a beast that never sleeps. Like Buress says, we’re all whores. One day you’re telling jokes to a room full of drunks and the next you’re hugging a street lamp while wearing a shark costume. C’est la vie.

(Via Team Coco)