A NYC Cab Driver Refused Hannibal Buress A Ride Because ‘He Has A Fear Of Bridges’

12.22.15 3 years ago 3 Comments

Hannibal Buress wasn’t pleased with the treatment he received from a cab driver who claimed some unusual professional restraints. The driver, who operates a cab in New York City, used a perfectly straight face to tell Buress that he wouldn’t drive the comedian to Brooklyn. Why not? This cabbie doesn’t drive on bridges or highways. Never mind that NYC doesn’t exist solely on the island of Manhattan. Four other buroughs make up the city, and there are bridges spanning various areas that cabbies service all the time. Nope, this driver doesn’t go there.

Buress couldn’t believe what he was hearing, even though he was rolling footage during the conversation. Buress told the driver that if he didn’t wish to cross bridges, “It’s the wrong job for you.” The cabbie shrugged and replied, “Yeah … that’s true.” Of course, there’s an unspoken implication here, which isn’t hard to figure out. It wasn’t long ago that cheery NBC weatherman Al Roker expressed frustration with Yellow Cab for leaving him on the sidewalk while stopping to pick up a white passenger a block further down the road.

One can only guess this cab driver’s motivations in refusing to complete his job description. Buress picked up a vibe, and he posted video to Twitter. His followers agreed that this driver was full of crap.

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