Hannibal Buress' Story About Pretending To Be Donald Glover’s Agent For Free Tickets To A Show Is Gold

(UPDATE: Donald Glover story now has been confirmed as 100% true.)

Here are the first teaser clips for Hannibal Buress‘ upcoming Comedy Central standup special, Live From Chicago, which airs on Saturday, March 29th at midnight. Who else can’t wait for this? (If you can’t the special will be available for download for $5 on March 24th, and it’ll be available on DVD April 1st.) To get you even more excited, check out the first promo clip above in which Buress recalls the time he impersonated Donald Glover’s agent to hoax his way into an Eddie Griffin show in Vegas for free.

In the second clip below, Hannibal talks about doing Ecstasy and pretty much nails down the exact reason why I’ve never tried hallucinogenic drugs. OK, not totally true. The main reason is because I always thought I would throw myself out of a glass third story window just like in an after school special, but pissing yourself is right up there.