Important Question: What Would It Look Like If Hannibal Lecter Just Told Lame Jokes?

If you’re one of those people who didn’t watch NBC’s Hannibal in its first season because you feared it would get cancelled A) you’re part of the problem and B) you missed out on the best network drama since, well, I can’t even remember the last time I felt compelled to watch a network drama. But don’t worry, this is just a wrist slap. We still need you. So catch up and jump aboard in time for Season 2 ASAP.

That way you can appreciate things like a Tumblr series dedicated to asking the question: What if Hannibal Lecter just told bad jokes instead of making ominous points that often imply cannibalism? Because seriously it’s the best. If you’re already a fan of Hannibal you realize that most of the appeal is Mads Mikkelsen’s wonderfully creepy portrayal of new Hannibal Lecter and his interaction with Hugh Dancy’s Will Graham. Everything is layered with subtext and mind f*cks and it’s all just splendidly done.

So to take all of that and turn it into bad shrimp jokes is just too web perfect not to share. Here’s a small sampling of my favorites of the tremendous work the Lecterings Tumblr is doing. The last one is kinda/sorta spoiler-y.

The one about the shrimp and its treasure.

The one about the skeleton who wanted to party.

The one about the boat and the water.

The one about the termite that walked into a bar.

And the about prisoners calling each other.

Source: Lecterings