‘The Hapley Group’ Is NBC’s Methadone For Our ‘Parks And Recreation’ Addictions

Senior Writer
02.20.14 7 Comments

While people have been celebrating the 2014 Winter Olympics for the way they let the world’s best athletes come together and showcase their talents in the name of patriotism or whatever, a lot of us have been pretty pissed that NBC has been depriving us of the few good shows they have left. For example, would it kill them to let me have the DVDs of all the rest of the episodes of The Blacklist so I can find out what Red is going to reveal to Lizzy about her dad already? You’re being really selfish, NBC.

Also, a month without Parks and Recreation is the opposite of awesome sauce, but at least NBC has given us this new webisode for The Hapley Group to hold us over until the show returns next Thursday. Of course, this fake debate show with Perd Hapley, Crazy Ira and the Douche, Joan Callamezzo and newcomer Mike Patterson, who will be yet another new rival for Leslie Knope, is merely a small appetizer before the grand course, so I don’t even want to share it with anyone. But I will because I’m nice.

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