What Happened In 'The Good Wife' Episode That Everyone Is Losing Their Minds Over?

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10.28.13 34 Comments

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I don’t watch The Good Wife. I know I should watch The Good Wife and would probably like The Good Wife, but I don’t watch The Good Wife. All I know about The Good Wife is that it’s great, everyone ever has been on it (the guest stars for this season have already included Carrie Preston, Michael J. Fox, and Jeffrey Tambor), and that last night, something so shocking that it’s being called “The Good Wife‘s Red Wedding episode” happened.

Maybe this makes me a bad TV watcher and an even worse person (yes), but I wanted to know what happened that would cause websites to use sentences like “the best episode over,” besides $$$. The answer may surprise you…unless you don’t watch The Good Wife and you have no idea who these people are.

My understanding is this: Julianna Margulies and Logan from Gilmore Girls, as well as some other lawyers, are starting their own firm, competing against the one they, up until this point, worked for. It sounds like if Don and Joanie created Draper and Holloway, while Sterling, Cooper, and Pryce was still around. Either that, or my dream of The Good Wife turning into The Good Woof (“TV’s only all-dog lawyer show!”) has come true and everyone on Twitter is lying to me. Probably the former, though. This is the second time this year an episode of a CBS show has trended on Twitter, the first being the Mother reveal on How I Met Your Mother. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

Anyway, here’s the star of The Good Woof: Julianna Muttgulies.

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