Happy Cinco de Mayo: ‘Knight Rider’ en Espanol

05.05.10 9 years ago 9 Comments

In honor of Mexico’s independence day, I share with you this well-traveled clip of “Knight Rider” in Spanish. I didn’t catch much more than pendejo and cabron, but it was clear to me that the adventures of Kit and Michael Knight are way more entertaining when they sound like my gardener.

So anyway, break out the margaritas and fish tacos and enjoy Mexican Knight Rider with me. And here’s hoping someone makes a REAL “Mexican Knight Rider.” Instead of Kit the talking car, there could be Kito, the talking beat-up flatbed truck that takes Miguel Caballero and twelve associates to the orange fields every day. (It’s not racist because I’m drunk on mescal.)

(Thanks to Burnsy and Vince)

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