You Shut Your Whore Mouth: ABC Bumps ‘Happy Endings’ To Fridays

02.14.13 6 years ago 46 Comments

ABC couldn’t just let us have the illusion that they gave a damn about Happy Endings, could they? It was bad enough that they’d moved it to Sundays, where it faced off against EVERYTHING THAT IT IS GOOD ON TELEVISION. Then they sh*tcanned their time-slot partner, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23. Now? The ultimate disgrace. Happy Endings has been bumped to the Friday night death slot.

But wait! It gets worse.

Yes! Exactly Max. So it turns out, they’re bumping Happy Endings to make room for … Celebrity Wife Swap. Who the hell wants to watch Celebrity Wife Swap?

Me too, Max. Me too. But that’s where network television is at now. While cable, Netflix, and Amazon are intent on churning out quality lasting content, the networks care about only one thing.

New Happy Endings episodes won’t even return until March 29th, when they will be double pumped on Friday nights. But hey! We can enjoy The Taste and Celebrity Wife Swap until then, right?

Unbelievable. I’m so bored with the network scheduling department, their inability to get their sh*t together, their lack of faith, their devotion to a SHORT-TERM bottom line without any regard to quality or credibility or entertainment value. I’m with Penny on this one.

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