‘Happy Endings’ Fans Get Their Wish For A ‘Special’ Reunion, But With A Catch

There have been plenty of rumors about a Happy Endings reunion, a continuation on Hulu, and even a movie tossed around since the series was canceled back in 2013. We had gotten teases for what a fourth season of the show would’ve looked like in the past, including a slew of rejected jokes that never saw the light of day until the writers decided to turn on their computers and sign into social media.

David Caspe has said what it would take to bring back Happy Endings in the past, and that doesn’t seem likely any time in the near future. There were also reports that the cast was ready to get back together for a movie or another season. The good news is that the cast seems to be getting back together. The bad news is that it is for none of the above reasons according to Entertainment Weekly:

Nick Jonas, the cast of Happy Endings, Jodie Foster, James Corden, Ryan Murphy, and an anniversary celebration of Scream are among the big highlights at EW PopFest, presented by Entertainment Weekly in Los Angeles this coming October.

The event, held at The Reef in downtown Los Angeles, will include a performance by Jonas, special appearances from Corden, Foster, and Murphy (who will bring along cast members from his various television projects), and a live-reading of a never-before-seen Happy Endings episode from the cast of the beloved cult series.

Being heralded as a “lost episode,” the cast for Happy Endings will reunite for the event and that seems to be the only way you’ll get to see it — unless some kind soul records it and puts it online for all to enjoy. The teases for the upcoming event are already appearaing on social media, with the official Happy Endings Twitter account hinting at plenty of hijinks to come via the hashtag #happylostep.

Happy Endings is a fine show and most will take it anyway they can get it. I just wish the way we were getting it involved a budget, studio cameras, scripts, and a full order for a television quality production. Why even call the show Happy Endings if this is how it’s wrapped up!

(Via Entertainment Weekly)