Casey Wilson Says There’s ‘Interest’ In A ‘Happy Endings’ Movie

This May is the three-year anniversary of the series finale of one of the funniest TV shows in recent memory (and all-time?). ABC’s Happy Endings should still be delighting people, what with its Hip-Hop Santa, Sinbrads, and human-bears, but because no one watched the show, especially in season three when it was moved all over the schedule, it was gone too soon.

But hope remains for… something. A Hulu revival? A book of GIFs (I’m unsure how that would work, but I still want it)? Maybe even a movie?

“There’s interest,” [star Casey] Wilson teases. “Someone even called my husband [David Caspe], who created it, and basically said, ‘I’m a private investor, I would love to pay for a movie’… we were like, OK… now private citizens are coming off the streets!” (Via)

Wilson added that “the funds have not sizzled in our account yet,” but here’s what I want to happen. Happy Endings should take the money…

…then make it rain…

…then make the film. It won’t be cheap — the V-neck budget alone is going to be insane — but if parrots can be racists, then Happy Endings can be turned into a movie. With an opening credits theme about mac and cheese being best friends sung by Mandonna, naturally.

(Via ET Online)