The ‘Happy Endings’ Cast Wants To Make Another Season Or Movie

The X-Files, Arrested Development, and Full House have all been resurrected, and new episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Star Trek, and Twin Peaks are in the works. And yet, no Happy Endings. The best canceled-too-soon comedy of the 2010s is ripe for a revival, but so far, no networks have agreed to let Happy Endings be Happy Endings. #TooMuchTV, yet not enough. At the Vulture Festival this weekend, creator David Caspe said, “If someone would actually let us do it the real way, then everyone would want to do it.” (Producer Jonathan Groff hopes that “someone” is Hulu. He even pointedly looked at the streaming service’s sponsors during the reunion.)

Either another season or movie would work — the cast isn’t picky. They even have some pitches. “Max would somehow have used the way that our country has progressed in the three or four years to his advantage,” said Adam Pally. “He’d be somewhere campaigning for Trump.” Zachary Knighton “always wanted Dave to be a cop,” and Brad and Jane wouldn’t have children.

“I do love the dynamic of Brad and Jane, especially now. You don’t see on television married couples who love each other who aren’t stressing about, ‘Oh, are we going to have a kid?’ They were just a married couple that were in love and living in an awesome apartment,” Pally said. “It was really refreshing and I still don’t think you see that on television, and you never see a married couple moving as a unit. If there’s a show with a married couple, the problem is the married couple. I think people get married and are OK? I love that, and I liked watching that.” (Via)

I understand where Pally’s coming from… but I also want to see Max as an (unofficial) uncle. He has so much to teach the next generation.

Someone please throw piles of money at this show.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)

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