USA Network May Pick Up ‘Happy Endings’ If ABC Cancels It

04.04.13 5 years ago 44 Comments

Word from Deadline is that Sony TV, the studio behind Happy Endings, is quietly shopping the sitcom around to other networks, like NBC and USA Network. The latter, which has been aching to break into half-hour comedies for a while, is strongly considering picking the series up if, as expected, ABC sh*tcans the low-rated series later this month. In fact, should the USA Network pick it up, it might rejoin its old time-slot partner, Modern Family. Syndicated reruns of Modern Family begin their run on the USA Network this fall, and what better companion to that series than first-run Happy Endings. Should Happy Endings complete a fourth season, then it, too, could be syndicated, which is what Sony TV is all about: Mad syndication money. See folks? Greed is good.

Of course, the enthusiasm by the USA Network is likely owed, in part, to the success of Cougar Town’s transition last year from ABC, where it was canceled after three seasons, to TBS, where it has thrived in an age bracket with which TBS hasn’t performed well in the past. In fact, Cougar Town was recently picked up for a fifth season, and this despite the fact that Cougar Town doesn’t have a good lead-in at 10 p.m.

It would also be a smart move for USA Network because they have tried to move into half-hour comedies, but have no no success, failing to greenlight any of their sitcom pilots. A known entity would be a great building block for USA Network’s comedy programming.

Let’s just hope, should Happy Endings stick around, it returns to its second-season form. The third season has been something of a letdown after one of the best sitcom seasons of the last five or six years. Now, let’s celebrate with a twirl.


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