Happy Valentine’s Day: Here Are ‘Game Of Thrones’ Plush Toys, Including Three Stuffed Direwolves

There is nothing going on today, and it’s Valentine’s Day, and I imagine there are still some of you who have not picked up a gift for your significant other yet, so allow me to bring something important to your attention: Game of Thrones pillows and plush toys. I mean, I am 100% man [builds bookshelf, fills it with men’s magazines and crossbows], but if you walked up to me this afternoon and handed me one of those plush direwolves I would probably squee at an octave a few ticks north of a dog whistle and then blast straight through the roof and into the mesosphere. Look at them, with their little faces. Adorable.

And speaking of Game of Thrones, HBO released a new teaser trailer a few days back. What does it tell us about the upcoming season? Bupkis. Not a ding dang thing. But that didn’t stop me from watching it 30+ times already this week, because the Season 3 premiere isn’t until March 31 and that is like [counts on fingers] 5,000 days away. Unacceptable. Completely unacceptable.

(The Mary Sue via Daily Blam)