Hard-On Harry Can't Catch a Break: Fox Yanks 'Breaking In.' Again.

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04.12.12 9 Comments

Last year, Fox debuted Christian Slater’s private security sitcom, “Breaking In,” at mid-season, and the show was actually pretty great. There were a lot of wink-wink allusions to Christian Slater’s 80s and 90s movie roles, Odette Annable (owner of the best photoshopped ass in Hollywood) was super hot, and the show’s scene stealer was the douche-tastic Dutch (Michael Rosenbaum). There was a sort-of off-the-wall, irreverent, geek-loving “Community” vibe about the show, and while ratings weren’t good, critics were fond of the “Breaking In.” Nevertheless, Fox cancelled it at the end of the season, only to change their mind over the summer and bring it back.

Now they’ve yanked it again. It hasn’t officially been canceled (it will be), and there’s no date set for burning off the remainder of the episodes (probably this summer), but don’t expect “Breaking In” to get a third shot.

There will no letter writing campaigns. Despite a solid “New Girl” lead-in, ratings have plummeted, and for good reason, actually: The show is not nearly as good as it was last year. Odette Annable left two episodes in, and the show’s best character, Dutch, was cut before the season started. They were replaced by Megan Mullally, who was OK, and a blonde (Erin Richards), who was not.

The good news, at least, is that Christian Slater finally had a show that made it to its second season, after “My Own Worst Enemy” and “The Forgotten” were canceled after their first seasons. The bad news is, looking at the seven mediocre films he has lined up this year, Christian Slater may soon compete with Cuba Gooding, Jr. for the King of Redbox.

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