Harrison Ford Cussed Out Chewbacca On Kimmel Last Night

04.18.13 10 Comments

Harrison Ford is one of the greatest late-night guests ever because sometimes he shows up looking like he might be as high as all the stars in the sky, and potentially intoxicated Hollywood legends acting weird and hilarious on talk shows has become one of our nation’s scarcest resources these days. (Never forget.) And even when he appears to be reasonably clear-headed, he’s still Harrison Dang Ford and is charming and delightful and pretty much up for anything even though he’s had enough juice to mail in every public appearance since Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Point being, Harrison Ford was on Kimmel last night and he did a bit where he took questions from the audience and ended up cussing out Chewbacca. It’s wonderful, especially once he really gets going and kicks it into full “GET OFF MY PLANE” mode. You watch now.

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