Harry Hamlin Gives Off-The-Record Statement About ‘Mad Men’ Scene, Interviewer Posts It On Reddit Anyway

Look, this is not a huge revelation about the future of Mad Men, at least I don’t think it is. Nor will it offer a lot of answers about “The Runaways,” the episode about which this off-the-record statement was made. But, do you remember when Ginsberg, before he went insane, spotted Lou and Cutler conspiring together in the computer room? He was reading their lips (an homage to 2001: The Space Odyssey) and assumed that the computer had turned them gay?

Yeah, well: Harry Hamlin, who plays Cutler, told the camera guy in an interview what Cutler and Lou were actually saying, but asked him to keep it off the record. Naturally, the camera guy can’t get trusted, so he ran over to Reddit and posted it.

Here’s a GIF of the scene in question:

And here’s what MFLUDER, the man who can’t be trusted, said about his interaction with Harry Hamlin:

When the interview was over, I asked him about the 2001 “lip reading” scene with Ginsberg. He pulled me aside and said “No one knows this, but we were reciting the opening scene from Richard I I I.” And then he recited it for me. It was AMAZING. But then he winked and said, “Tell no one about this.” And here I am spilling it on Reddit. Forgive me, Harry.

That’s the “Winter of Discontent” speech, and the play is actually about the Machiavellian rise to power and subsequent short reign of Richard III, which could either refer to Cutler’s short reign atop Sterling Cooper & Partners, or it could foreshadow Roger’s short reign as President of the new Sterling Cutler & Partners, or it could just be something that both Harry Hamlin and Allan Havey both had memorized.

One thing, however, is certain: This guy is terrible at keeping secrets. (Update: The Redditor in question later updated his post to state he wasn’t the interviewer, he just helped film the segment.)

Source: Reddit