Has ‘True Detective’ Found Its #Season2 Star?

Here’s what we know about True Detective season two: it will be the second season of True Detective and…well, that’s about it. All creator Nic Pizzolato has said about the returning HBO series is that it’s “not about solving a murder mystery but a story of a detective chasing after an elusive criminal,” which isn’t much to go off of, especially because we don’t know how the detective and criminal will be. Unless they’re Godzilla and Godzilla’s Son, then we do. But according to the most unconfirmed of rumors, the most A-list of movie stars is ready to snag the most beer can of men away from McConaughey.

According to the Daily Star UK…Brad Pitt could be the star of True Detective Season 2. The report suggests that the actor is “close to signing a deal” to star as the main cast member. Brad Pitt is reportedly “thrashing out last minute details of a deal” with HBO. 12 Years a Slave actor has already given the “green light” to the new project. (Via)

Considering the source, this is probably just a report based on nothing, but maybe it’ll be the one time a gossip rag gets something right. Hey, crazier things have happened.

Like Woody getting with Alexandra Daddario. Now THAT’S crazy.