Hasselhoff + Popsicle = Hoffsicle

It’s National Ice Cream Week, which means I finally don’t have to feel bad about the half dozen empty Ben & Jerry’s cartons littered around my couch. It also provides the occasion for Del Monte to roll out the Hoffsicle, a raspberry-flavored treat molded to look like David Hasselhoff. The former “Baywatch” and “Knight Rider” star tweeted the inset photo, and the Sun made a news story out of a press release:

[Britain’s Got Talent] judge David Hasselhoff shows he’s got stardom licked – after being turned into an ice lolly.

The ex-Baywatch star – named smoothest TV star of 2011 in a poll – was honoured by ice cream company Del Monte with a Raspberry Iced Smoothie.

Ex-Knight Rider star David, 58, said: “The new Hoffsicle ice lolly rocks. Like me, it might take a licking but it keeps on ticking.” [The Sun]

First of all, he didn’t call it an “ice lolly” because that’s the gayest-sounding British term of all time. Second of all, the Hoffsicle does NOT take a licking and keep on ticking. It doesn’t tick at all. You lick it and it gets consumed. That’s kind of the whole point of popsicles.

Video below: Hasselhoff wanders around London and tries to get women to lick him.