Have We Seen the Last of Peggy Olson?

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06.06.12 13 Comments

Now that Lane Pryce has — SPOILER! — joined the Great Fish and Chips Stand in the Sky, the man who played him, Jared Harris, has been very gabby. In an interview with The Daily, Harris talked about whether he thinks it’s Don’s fault that Lane killed himself (I blame the Mets pennant) and if the cast and crew threw him a going-away party. They didn’t, he said, because people leave “Mad Men” all the time, including Elisabeth Moss. Wait, what?

How did the cast send you off — was there a big going-away party?

They didn’t. You know, we’re always ending things. Actors are always ending jobs. It isn’t a big deal in that sense. Also other people had left the show that had been there since the beginning. Elisabeth [Moss] left the episode before and she’d been there since the beginning. Michael Gladis (Paul Kinsey) left in season three [though reappeared for one episode this season]… Bryan Batt. People leave and it’s just part of it. They didn’t make a giant fuss.

Oh, is Peggy dead from the show like Lane is?

Um…I have no idea what Matthew Weiner intends to do and even then I couldn’t tell you. (Via)

Now, we should all know better than to trust a Brit, and Weiner and AMC have neither confirmed or denied Harris’s comments, but IF it is true: NOOO. I’m not ready for 5,295 think pieces about what Don’s kiss really meant, and I CAN’T accept the idea of “Mad Men” without the money-counting, buttery handjob-giving, all-around awesome Peggy Olson. Don’t be a dick, Weiner: take away Betty instead.

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