Hayley Atwell Claims ABC Ordered 10 Episodes For ‘Agent Carter’ Season 2

Hayley Atwell appeared at Houston’s Comicpalooza over the weekend. During the above Q&A session, the actress revealed the second season of Agent Carter will consist of 10 episodes instead of eight:

I also think the show runners really want to move it forward. So it’s going to be set in L.A., and with 10 episodes it’s going to be a very glamorous, dark world of 1940s Los Angeles.

Even though the show’s new Los Angeles setting will allegedly be dark (yet glamorous), Atwell alluded to a transformation in Peggy Carter as she’s done grieving the loss of Steve Rogers and will apparently have a stronger sense of humor in the new episodes.

Atwell did drop somewhat of a bombshell during her panel. Forward the above video to the 19:41 mark to hear her plans to crash the set of Captain America: Civil War later this week. Whether it’s just a friendly visit or a plan to make a cameo in the film remains to be seen.

Marvel’s Agent Carter is set to return to ABC for its second season at the beginning of 2016.

(Via DigitalSpy and MCU Exchange)