HBO Has Dropped A Bonus Episode Of Its ‘Chernobyl’ Tie-In Podcast With Star Jared Harris

Liam Daniel for HBO

The fifth and final episode of HBO‘s critically acclaimed and hugely popular Chernobyl mini-series aired two-and-a-half months ago. That’s also when the fifth and final episode of the show’s companion podcast, with show creator Craig Mazin and NPR’s Peter Sagal, began streaming for all to hear. On Thursday, the network announced that it was releasing a sixth bonus episode of the podcast with Mazin, Sagal, and Chernobyl actor Jared Harris.

Since Sagal spent most of the podcast’s first five episodes discussing the ins and outs of writing and filming Chernobyl with Mazin, the bonus episode largely focuses on Harris’ performance as Valery Legasov, the Soviet scientist largely responsible for investigating the nuclear power plant disaster and attempting to combat its ill effects. However, Mazin also takes a moment at the beginning of the episode to discuss the show’s modern relevance in terms of Russia’s recent nuclear-propelled missile explosion and the many mysteries surrounding it.

Whether or not you’ve already watched all five episodes of Chernobyl and the five official episodes of the companion podcast, the new bonus episode with Harris is definitely worth your time. You can listen to it wherever you listen to podcasts or check it out below on HBO’s official YouTube page.