HBO Is Eying Peter Dinklage For New Sci-Fi Series, ‘Beasts Of Valhalla’

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Woah, woah, woah! I know what you’re saying already: What? Peter Dinklage can’t be in another HBO series. HE’S ALREADY IN ONE. But don’t worry. News that Dinklage may sign on to another HBO series does not mean his character is in danger (or at least, anymore than any character in Game of Thrones is in any danger). The new series is either being eyed for after Game of Thrones (and Dinklage is under contract at least through 2016) or perhaps even simultaneously (GoT after all, is only 10 episodes per year). So, with that out of the way, what is Beasts of Valhalla, eh?

According to Empire, Justin Monjo — who is also in the process of developing a Farscape TV movie — is looking at Dinklage to take the lead role of private eye Dr Robert Frederickson, AKA Mongo The Magnificent, in the series based on a series of novels by George C. Chesbro.

From Empire:

Frederickson gets his nickname from his days as a circus acrobat. That’s in his past as we’re introduced to him, however, and he’s since put himself through graduate school and become a professor of criminology at NYU. But he also has a private investigator’s licence, so events regularly conspire to take him away from the lecture theatre. The books are set in the real world, but some fantastical elements bleed in: An Affair Of Sorcerors (which sounds like a George RR Martin title) involves underground New York cults of warlocks and tarot readers.

Monjo sees it as a “grounded sci-fi” series, and it’s heading towards a pilot set in motion by HBO and Ben Stiller’s Red Hour production company. “HBO and Red Hour think [Dinklage] is perfect for the part and are very excited about the project,” says Monjo.

Again, don’t read anything into this about the fate of Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones, but yeah: That sounds like a fantastic series, and one in which Dinklage would be perfect. Plus, anything that keeps him employed for the next decade or so is great news by me.

Source: Empire via Pajiba

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