From ‘True Detective’ To ‘Westworld,’ HBO’s CEO Believes The Company Has A Lot To Offer Beyond ‘Game Of Thrones’

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New York is currently hosting Ignition 2017, a gathering of the biggest power players in television in a conference that focuses on innovation in the years to come. One stand out speaker in the massive pool of experts in the media industry (and Tucker Carlson) is HBO CEO Richard Plepler, who addressed the impending end of Game of Thrones with some fascinating insights into what’s to come for his industry-leading company.

Thanks to AdWeek’s Jason Lynch, who was in attendance, we now know quite a few interesting things about the next year of HBO programming. First off, the end of GoT is not the end of HBO, obviously. They have plenty of extremely high-quality shows in the works such as Westworld season two, True Detective season three, and it’s not like they aren’t developing five potential GoT spinoffs. Plepler made it known to those in attendance that not only is HBO continuing what they do best — make high-quality television in-line with their brand — but they’re aware of industry trends and plan on adjusting their budget accordingly.

With Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime pumping money into original programming, Plepler knows HBO needs to match the competition, but that doesn’t necessarily mean throwing a bunch of cash at say, the Lord of the Rings television show. These are quite interesting little snippets here, and paint a picture of an impressive year even without Game of Thrones.

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