HBO Is Coming Out With A Line Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Toys And Character Figurines

Great news for toy lovers and/or people who would find it cathartic to throw a real, physical representation of Joffrey Baratheon straight into the damn toilet: HBO is teaming up with Spawn creator Todd MacFarlane to create a realistic line of “construction sets and character figurines” based on Game of Thrones. And it’s not just Joffrey, either, although he’ll be part of the first set revealed at Comic-Con next week. Entertainment Weekly has the full rundown.

The first release is the Iron Throne Room, which is shown with characters for King Joffrey, Tyrion Lannister, members of the Kingsguard and Lannister guards. Upcoming playsets include a Mother of Dragons set and an Attack on The Wall set. Each includes some scene-specific characters and accessories and retails from $14.99 to $49.99 (the fully stocked spread below includes the Iron Throne Room’s starter kit plus additional characters that cost extra). The figurines ($2.99 each) have articulated body parts and include characters like Tyrion, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Grey Worm, Ghost, Rhaegal, an Unsullied, a Crow, a Wildling and a Wight.

Basically, if you so desire, and I DO, you could storm Joffrey’s Throne Room with Jon Snow’s direworlf and Khaleesi’s dragon, slaughter everyone, then install Jon and Daenerys as the new King and Queen of Westeros and make their toys kiss a lot. And you could make Tyrion a little cup of wine. Everybody wins! I mean, except Joffrey.

(Via EW)