07.28.09 9 years ago 9 Comments

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) released its annual Network Responsibility Index, in which the five broadcast networks and top ten cable channels get a thorough scan from GLAAD’s gaydar, and HBO was the highest-rated channel for programming with at least one lesbian/bi/gay/transgender character.  ABC led the broadcast networks in LGBT content, while NBC and CBS got failing grades.

Virtually all non-sports original HBO series included LGBT content, with shows such as “True Blood” and “The No. 1 Lades Detective Agency” lauded for featuring “complex and authentic LGBT characters from diverse backgrounds.”

Also singled out in the report is ABC’s drama “Brothers & Sisters,” which features three regular gay characters, as well as the network’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” which has a bisexual woman among the leads.

Sounds about right.  I’ve been calling “Grey’s Anatomy” gay for years now.  And where’s Bravo in this report?  That channel needs to get the lifetime achievement award for being extra gay before it was cool.

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